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Reflexology is an ancient art and science and a complete system of healing.  It is thought to have originated in China some 5000 years ago.

In reflexology every organ and gland in the body can de mapped out on the feet and hands.  Any tenderness in specific areas alerts the therapist to possible weak points, which can be treated.  By applying gentle finger pressure to these reflex points blockages can be cleared and the natural flow of energy restored, allowing healing to take place.

Reflexology can help to improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, reduce tension, detoxify the body and create a state of well being.

Key Benefits

bulletBalances the body systems
bulletCreates a sense of well being
bulletHelps to detoxify the body and clear blocked energy pathways
bulletDeeply relaxing


Aroma Reflex

Reflexology  (foot massage using pressure points on the feet to clear blockages and balance energy flow) is an excellent way to beat stress and allow the body to create its own natural healing channels.It can be combined with aromatherapy oils to offer even more benefits.



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