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Indian Head Massage
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Developed from the long standing Indian tradition of head massage that is a way of life in India this treatment is readily accessible to all. It is performed seated and fully clothed covering  shoulders, arms, head and neck. 

A useful treatment for relieving stress, headaches, sinus problems and shoulder tension.

Key Benefits

bulletNon invasive - done fully clothed
bulletCan be done in the home or office
bulletRenews energy and reduces stress levels

Treatments last about 30 minutes and include a consultation to highlight  problem areas and main stressors, and look at ways to deal with them. This will be followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage, fully clothed without the use of oils, using pressure points and balancing the body's energy flow along meridians. It is a good idea to wear a T shirt so that nice shirts do not get crumpled. 





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